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Introduction Purchase Order Software
What is QuickLPO & How it can help you to manage your purchasing?
  • Quick & Easiest way to prepare purchasing orders.
  • Professionally manage prepared LPOs with approval status.
  • Automatic preparation of Purchase Receipts.
  • Maintain supplier records & attach documents!
  • Useful reports of LPOs in date range, by Supplier / Project etc.
About QuickLpo
It is easy to create and manage LPO, maintains items with default price, Item categories, stores Supplier and delivery address for quick LPO creation, Enter & maintains received deliveries, Keeps track of opened, closed or partially delivered orders. QuickLPO allows customizing company info, logo and LPO numbers etc.
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LPO Preparation
LPO Software
You can create Purchase Order in few seconds with this software. Enter or select items from item master, item’s default price is picked automatically or you have an option to put latest best price, enter quantity and LPO is ready to print. While adding items to new LPO, software shows price of last 5 purchases of the same item.
LPO Management
Manage Purchase Order
QuickLPO keeps track of each prepared LPO along with payment terms & remarks. Advance search functions are available to search any LPO by number, supplier or date etc. Software offers way to get approval of prepared LPO by authorized person and maintain LPO approval status as waiting, approved or rejected.
Purchase Receipt
Manage Purchase Receipts
Software allows to enter deliveries received against each LPO along with DO number and other details to maintain Order Status as on order, partially delivered or completed. QuickLPO can automatically prepare Delivery Receipt of selected PO, input new Receipt number, pending quantities etc and saves record in one click.
Item Management
Inventory items for LPO
QuickLPO has an item master, in which you can maintain the items you usually purchase, categorize them & put default price for items. So while creating new LPO, it takes few clicks to get your LPO ready, because Item names are already there, you just choose item & put quantity to add in LPO.
Supplier Records
Supplier records for Purchase Order
Software maintains your supplier details and delivery site address, so while creating LPO, it automatically fill up complete supplier details as well as delivery site address along with contact details to print on LPO. Software can import your existing suppliers from excel file.
Customizable Design
Customize LPO Design
Purchase Order is completely re-designable by yourself. You can put your company logo, address, and customize auto generated LPO numbers. Software offers easy to use designer tool to design LPO layout as per your taste.
LPO Reports
QuickLPO have many detailed & summary reports of prepared LPO’s, received deliveries by suppliers or as per project/department with order status. All Reports can be filtered in between dates and other applied parameters. All Reports can be printed or exported to excel file.
Lpo reminders by email
This software welcomes with a dashboard to display status of total prepared LPOs, waiting for approval, approved or rejected Pos. It also offers to send email notice about waiting orders to predefined manager’s email id.
Attach Documents
Attach quotations with Purchase Orders
You may attach documents with each Purchase Order record, like received quotation etc. Also you can attach unlimited documents with each vendor record in software. QuickLPO supports all common document formats like word, excel, pdf & pictures.
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